our crew


the vision

hm was born from a vision to create stylish, functional activewear for the modern breastfeeding mum. we want mums to be able to wear current trends that don’t scream “I’M BREASTFEEDING” to the world.

the lightbulb moment occurred in 2015 at Nth Bondi Beach and was refined over lots of coffee and wine and late night phone calls. hello monday launched in 2016 and is rapidly becoming the go-to label for the modern breastfeeding mum.

the brand

hello monday is about a different time in your life, a time when Mondays are different. A time not dictated by alarms on phones or back-to-back meetings, but by tiny humans and their internal clocks.

hello = fresh, positive and bright

monday = a new start, a fresh beginning, a new week ahead

hello monday is a life-and-style label. wake up and say hello monday!

shout-out to our brilliant creative friends at thesundaycollective who designed our uber-cool branding.

the product

style AND function: we hear you ladies! hello monday redefines breastfeeding wear into something discrete, stylish, effortless, flattering, supportive, light, contemporary and comfortable.

on trend designs and colour schemes: we are mad for monochrome but love to dabble in a great print (just look at THAT abstract animal print crop), a stripe, and a discerning touch of colour.

all our gear is road-tested by of our mumma friends (thanks ladies!) to ensure the right look, feel, fit and function.

together the range forms a wardrobe for the modern mum on the run. luxe every day wear that will take you from yoga, to the park, to coffee, to lunch, to the street, and to the park - yet again:) .

our debut AW16 collection consists of 4 key pieces: a streamlined singlet, tights that hold you in in all the right places, a chic supportive black crop, and a classic striped T. SS16 saw the abstract animal print crop, ¾ tights, grey and khaki Ts (as voted by our fans!) and the loose tank added to the collection. with loads more in the pipeline, we can’t wait to show you what’s in store for AW17, SS17 and beyond!

the people

founded by three friends that go way-back:

    kirsty - activewear lover and unashamed sneaker freak. business and social media know-how. expert in squeezing in as many social engagements into one day as humanly possible.

    carl - ideas man. ex-mountaineer, ex-mountain-biker, now broken-down 40-year-old father of two. down-jacket collector. adventure-gear model in spare time.

    lou - the breastfeeding one. activewear enthusiast and health nut. professional online shopper. gone from Insta-hater to Insta-addict in world record time.